Shamokin Mountain Trail

The Shamokin Mountain Trail lies off Forest House Lane, which is south of Lewisburg on the east side of Stein Lane near the East Buffalo and Union Townships boundary in Union County. A brochure is available at the site. This property is under easement, and the property owners invite you to enjoy the trail. The one-mile red-blazed path passes through deciduous woods, crosses a power line with a vista to the southwest across Dry Valley and well south along the Susquehanna River Valley. The trail enters a field managed by the State Game Commission then loops back through the woods to the trailhead.

Directions from Lewisburg: Take Stein Lane from US 15 nearly 4 miles to Forest House Lane. The trail’s kiosk is ~0.2 mile from Stein Lane on the east side of Forest House Lane. A trail guide highlighting the site’s geology and natural history is available at the kiosk.

Parking: Parking is available near the kiosk but is limited to several vehicles. Please respect the rights of the private landowners by staying on the trail.

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