Supporting Others

The Linn Conservancy proudly works with various organizations to promote mutual goals in protection and conservation of our resources and in educational programs that support the same.

Conservation Union

In 2016, a Conservancy board member proposed organization of an informal “round table” of conservation minded governmental and non-governmental agencies, local non-profits, and individuals that would meet on a regular basis to discuss and share local concerns and initiatives which might lead to working partnership on common goals. Meetings are informal and often include a special speaker presentation. Open to all. Traditionally, the CU holds its meetings at the Union County Govt. Center on the last Friday of each month at 7:30 am. The meetings are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 safety regulations.

The Conservancy adopted a two-mile rural highway along Penns Creek and farmland in Union County. Cleanups take place 4 times per year and help assure that the Creekside is free of debris, a popular Lewis Township picnic site in clean and the roadway through scenic agricultural land remains attractive.

Environmental Center at Raymond B. Winter State Park

As the park designed a new environmental center and amphitheater many years ago, it was with the assistance of grants attained by the Linn Conservancy that many displays for the center were acquired and funding for the amphitheater attained.

Expansion of Shikellamy State Park

In 2016, the Conservancy acquired grants that enabled it to purchase 36 acres in two parcels that were in turn transferred to the PA State Park System. It also contributed to the acquisition of 80 additional acres for the park to protect endangered plants, allow expansion of trail system and to protect scenic views of the Susquehanna River from atop Shikellamy bluffs.

Programs for Youth


The Conservancy maintains a designated fund to be used to support school age students in conservation/environmental programs through grants and scholarships. See our link to the Wildlife Leadership Academy as an example.

Scout Projects

A number of Eagle Scout candidates have chosen to work with the Conservancy to achieve their goal. Projects have included building and locating bluebird boxes along trails, and trail design and improvement projects.

Lewisburg Arts Council

Plein Air

As part of our community engagement, the Conservancy has partnered with the Lewisburg Arts Council to offer the plein air art event in conjunction with the Lewisburg Arts Festival in April. This effort was expanded in 2019 to provide a special plein air opportunity specifically for middle and high school students in the fall.

University Programs/Connections

Bucknell and Susquehanna Universities have partnered with the Conservancy in many ways. Student orientation programs have engaged students in volunteer activities to benefit the Conservancy. Professors use protected sites for class field trip and studies. Students partner with us for special projects.

Bucknell’s Institute for Life-Long Learning (BILL) has hosted multi-week programs presented by Conservancy staff and members. Our most recent featured discussion and field trips related to Native Plant Gardening.

Local conservation districts provide many services of value to the Conservancy and conservation in general. Our subsidiary, BCWA, has worked on many stream improvements projects with the Union County office, and the Conservancy helps promote agricultural land preservation programs within our area.

When the Union County Planning Commission began formulating its most recent comprehensive plan–Cultivating Communities: A Plan for Union County’s Future, the Merrill Linn Conservancy was invited to participate in the process of developing the plan.

Chesapeake Conservancy

Conservancy board member and employee of the Chesapeake Conservancy, Adrienne Gemberling, supervises Chesapeake’s “Live Stake” program. The program goal is to revegetate water courses with native vegetation to stabilize banks thereby reducing streambed sedimentation and other contamination of waterways. The Linn Conservancy engages in this program by supporting grant applications and providing volunteers to assist in the field.

RiverWoods Native Plant Garden

Conservancy members designed and installed a native plant garden at RiverWoods Senior Living Community. Residents enjoy viewing the garden as it changes from early spring to late fall. It has inspired some to choose native plants for their own garden areas.

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