In conjunction with our Linking Landscapes Initiative, the Conservancy is promoting 2015 as the Year of the Backyard, and creating a calendar of events, field trips, and workshops relating to the world of our home habitat. We will be partnering with other local organizations and businesses to create opportunities to educate, cooperate, and make available the tools and resources for anyone who wishes to learn about using gardening and landscaping to create habitat for wildlife. Every backyard, town park, school, church, and office landscape has the potential to grow food and shelter for butterflies, bees, songbirds, and the wider variety of insects that serve as the foundation of the food chain for many other animals. The Year of the Backyard will be an opportunity to reach out to folks in the many communities in our service area.

News & Upcoming Events

November 18 @ 7 pm*** Three Films on Waste & Re-UsE (80 minutes total)

Second fall ‘Green Screens’ film program Tuesday, November 18 at 7 pm - Campus Theatre (413 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA) Three Films on Waste & Re-UsE (80 minutes total)…

Conservancy’s Plein Air Event Published in Plein Air Magazine’s E-newsletter

Congratulations on the article about the conservancy’s Plein Air Event in Plein Air Magazine’s e-newsletter. Read it here.

November 21-22 Ninth Annual Susquehanna River Symposium

Bucknell University will host the Ninth Annual Susquehanna River Symposium, “Science and the River: Ongoing Projects and Research in the Susquehanna Watershed,” on Nov. 21 and 22…

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Merrill Linn Trail

The Merrill Linn Trail, a one-mile loop off of the Mid-State Trail on state forest land, is in extreme northwestern Union County. This area is especially beautiful in mid- to late spring as tall ferns emerge among numerous vernal (seasonal) pools.

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