How to Proceed

How to proceed

Bringing a land protection agreement that satisfies all parties to fruition can be a long and time consuming but rewarding process. We suggest that you complete and submit our non-binding application form (click on link below). Upon receipt, a Conservancy representative will contact you to arrange a visit to the property site and to discuss details of our procedures with you.

At some point a formal appraisal will have to be made of your property and possibly a survey. Neither step should be taken prior to discussing the details of the entire process with Conservancy representatives. We encourage you to learn about and discuss land protection options with your tax and legal advisors and family members.

A helpful document illustrating a model easement document is available from the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association at Once you get to the PaLTA site go to Model Documents then Model Conservation Easement. This document is frequently updated. Please note that numbers used in the document are only for illustration and are not representative of terms applicable to any specific site.

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