ATTENTION!!!!!!! Koons Trail STILL Closed Until Further Notice

Koons Trail

The Koons Trail in Mifflinburg has been closed since late fall of 2016 due to the very large number of dead ash trees on the property.  Mifflinburg boro had also closed a portion of its parkland to the west of the trail for the same reason, but they have reopened that area since trees were removed.

Work continues on the Koons property to clear the hazard.  No one should go on the trail as work continues there.  Once the cut and fallen trees are removed, we will begin restoration work.

A bit north of the covered bridge on 4th St and to the west side of 4th St across from the brick home on the north side of the bridge wetlands restoration projects were completed last year.  People are welcome to view those areas from the street.  The meadow north of the house has a raised area just off the street that folks are welcome to ascend to view the area.