Glacier Pools Preserve Featured in 2015 Fall Edition of Inside Pennsylvania Magazine

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Glacier pool preserve vernal pool with leaves
Pools Shaped by Rivers of Ice

“I never get tired of looking at rocks,” Rickie Gross said as she pointed to a large stone with layers of cracks and moss. “This one shows so much history.”
On a recent tour of the 270-acre Glacier Pools Preserve in Wolf Township, Lycoming County, she and her husband Michael, who have owned and lived on the land since 1978, led the way through the dense forest on intersecting walking trails they forged with the help of friends and volunteers. They pointed out the various trees, flowers and wildlife as well as the rock walls along the meadows that once formed the boundary for farm fields dating as far back as the early 1800s.
The property, located near the borough of Picture Rocks and about a 10-minute drive from Hughesville, is filled with approximately 20 large vernal pools, or depressions in the ground that seasonally gather water.
In addition to the pool clusters, the land offers to the public rare, natural amenities, such as uncultivated meadows and picturesque views of the Allegheny Front.

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