Site / Stewardship

The Site/Stewardship committee has two major roles within the Conservancy. First, all land protection agreements begin with evaluation by this group. Once a completed application is received and accepted, a visit to the site is arranged with the property owner for committee members. The group evaluates the site against a set of standards adopted by the Conservancy. It then makes a recommendation to the board as to whether or not to precede with further protection negotiations with the landowner.

The other role of the Site/Stewardship Committee is enforcement. All of the properties the Conservancy has an interest in, whether under our direct ownership or conservation easement protection, are monitored on an annual basis. It is the obligation of the Conservancy to field-check all properties for which it holds the conservation easement. This is to assure that the easement donor’s desires, as described in the easement document, are upheld. Easement terms ride with the property forever; therefore, it is the Conservancy’s duty to forever enforce the language of that agreement.