Plein Artist Promotes Conservancy Work

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‘Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.’

This saying could be the motto of the artists who visit the Dale Engle Walker (DEW) property each April during the Plein Air event to ‘take’ their images in pencil, pastels, oils and water-colors. Simonne Roy has participated since the beginning in 2014. She taught plein air painting during the event in 2017, and was featured artist of the Lewisburg’s Celebration of the Arts in 2018.

“My mission as an artist is to raise awareness of beauty around us and to support preservation of the natural world and historic sites,” Simonne says. “Although I paint in distant places such as France, the largest body of my work is done in Pennsylvania. I return often to paint the DEW property and trail in Lewisburg, the first site protected by the Merrill Linn Conservancy.”

Now the impressionist painter is sharing three of her original paintings to support the Conservancy’s mission. “I joined the Linn Conservancy out of gratitude for their work in creating conservation easements and co-hosting the Plein Air day. I also want to support the Conservancy’s work to protect streambeds and their programs for children and adults,” she says.

“The most recent Plein Air day on April 25, was especially wonderful because it came right after the COVID quarantine. It was my first chance to be outdoors with other artists after quarantine.” She hiked with a backpack and a rolling cart to the Dale’s Ridge overlook to start her first painting. Later, after a picnic lunch, she began a painting of the 1790 Milne-Druckenmiller Log Cabin.

“Late in the afternoon I went over to Buffalo Creek to see if the Virginia bluebells were in bloom along the trail as they had been in past years. They were! And the last painting of the day is the result,” she says. “Of course, starting a painting is not the same as finishing, and I spent many hours in the studio adjusting values and colors, even moving mountains and clouds for better results.”

She then framed the three paintings and exhibited them in the group show by the Lewisburg Artist’s Guild. They are now in Simonne’s home gallery. She would like to find homes for them with people who wish to support the mission of the Conservancy.

To make this possible, she has generously pledged that 50% of the sales proceeds of these three paintings, if sold by November 1, 2021, will be donated to the Merrill Linn Conservancy. All paintings are framed and the prices include framing. If you’d like to see them in person, Simonne would welcome you at her home gallery; email her to set up a visit ([email protected]).

Tax and shipping, if applicable, will be charged to the buyer. To purchase via credit card, click on the painting images (, or you can email Simonne to arrange payment by check or Venmo.

Simonne writes about her art adventures and sends invitations to events through her newsletter. She invites you to receive the newsletter by visiting this link.

Blue Bells Along Buffalo Creek
Acrylic on canvas, 11” x 10.5”unframed,13.25 x 14” framed

View from Dale’s Ridge
Oil on canvas, 6 x 12” unframed,  7.75 x 13.75” framed

1790 Milne-Druckenmiller Log Cabin
Oil on canvas, 8 x 10” unframed, 10 x 12” framed

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